Lotus Elise - Exige - 340R - 211 - Evora

Garage Janssens, perhaps better known as GJ Tuning through our track presence, is an independent Lotus Elise / Exige specialist. A lot of parts to you Lotus Elise / Exige are not developed by Lotus itself, but with the help of external manufacturers. By working directly with those manufacturers, we can often offer these products more economically. For the braking system, for example, we can let you choose from a wide range of brake pads and brake calipers. Ask us about the possibilities.


For non-standard maintenance activities you are also at the right address. Independent advice tailored to your driving style. Oil cooler, reinforced clutch, suspension, everything tailored to your wishes.



Oil change can everyone, but a Lotus maintain is specialists work. Because of our experience we are aware of all the ailments and specific issues of your Lotus Elise / Exige. For all types of liquids there are different options depending on the use of your car. Together with us you can discuss which type you want for which use. All service steps, but also preventive maintenance and repair advice to prevent malfunctions. Reading the engine management With the original Scan device from Lotus we can read and reset engine management from U Lotus Elise / Exige, program alarm fobs, read out ABS system etc.


MOT – Belgian Control Technique :

A modern Bosch roller brake tester and Bosch 4-gass analyser help you carry out the MOT inspection professionally.

No unnecessary rejection of your car. If you wish we can go with your Lotus to the inspection.


Tire service :

We mount the tires of your choice on our modern tires. Semi slicks, winter tires, ....

Let you expertly advise on the different tire types. Winter tire service is also possible, including storage


Geometry Alignment : No full tire service without alignment. With our modern camera alignment system we can align your Lotus to your wishes. Not only regulate tracking like in the tire center, but all corners (Toe, Camber, Caster and bumpsteer) are controlled. Full street use, trackday or full race specification. Thanks to our +20 years of track experience, we can align and adjust Lotus for every kind of circuit. Get out of car optimally align according to the Lotus guidelines or to your own wishes .


Corner scaling 

With our special scales, we can weigh your car for perfect road handling. This, combined with a full wheel alignment, you drive with a completely different car


An often underestimated item, where much benefit can be gained. See also tires, geometry align and corner scaling. Other shock absorber / spring combination, stiffer suspension arm bushings, reinforced track rods, complete overhaul of the suspension


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