Corner scaling

Besides aligning, corner scaling is a way to optimize the handling of a car. For weighing it is necessary that the car is equipped with a so-called screw set; a shock absorber / spring combination which offers the possibility to adjust the height of the car during the weighing.


Professionally scaling
When the wheel pressure deviates left and right, the car will be unstable, especially when braking hard (blocking the wheel with the lowest wheel pressure) and accelerating hard (previously slipping the wheel with the lowest wheel pressure). We offer the possibility to scale with the help of a professional Intercomp scaling system where it is possible to accurately measure the wheel load per wheel, an absolute condition to ensure that the outcome is successful.

Digital measuring for optimal scaling
Placed on digital scales, the car can be set to a good weight balance by setting heights. The height on every corner of the car also determines the weight pressure on that particular corner. By means of height adjustment per angle, a balanced weight distribution can be achieved so that the car will have a stable, quiet and safe handling due to this balance. Our customers are often positively surprised by the difference after weighing their car, something that gives us the necessary satisfaction in our work

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Scalling exige 1.jpg
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We use the proffesional scales off Intercomp.